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Jon Ettershank, CIO, TasWater

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What is CIOPulse?

Since implementing CIOPulse as part of our cultural change program, our NPS has more than trebled, there’s lots of buzz about how IT has changed, lots of great feedback from upper management, and the exec are listening, respecting our expertise and signing things off!

Collect feedback with surveys your users will love. 

Get the metrics and insights you need to coach your IT staff, drive service improvement and improve the IT customer experience.

Everything you need out-of-the-box. Be ready to go live in days.

Collect feedback

CIOPulse's short, responsive, touch-enabled surveys look beautiful on all your users' devices.

Overcome survey fatigue and enjoy higher response rates. Other surveys just don't look this good!

CIOPulse is easy to use, gives us valuable customer views on our services and is continuously improved. The vendor is super responsive and I wish every vendor communicated as well as they do

Product Owner at a large government organisation

Engage & develop your support staff

Display user feedback live, enabling your support staff to immediately see how their behaviour impacts service quality.

Automatically share user feedback with your team leads for continual service improvement, coaching, and reward and recognition.

Track & compare satisfaction levels

Track and compare Net Promoter Scores for individuals, teams, departments, customer groups, projects and IT overall.

Discover where you're weak and where you're strong. Learn if your changes are making a difference.

Driving up engagement and collecting valuable metrics are key to our success and a great way to improve the customer experience, but there are very few options out there that meet our needs. Finding CIOPulse changed all this. Not only did we produce surveys that immediately lifted our engagement metric, we also obtained meaningful insights about the quality and experience of our services.

Kristina Flores, Process Specialist, Knowledge & Feedback Management, Department of Communities WA

Provides a simple way to adopt Net Promoter practices, proven to improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Good customer service costs less than bad service. Less escalations, less complaints and fewer call status enquiries all reduce support costs.

Frequent feedback has been shown to increase staff engagement. 90% of staff say they want honest feedback. Annual performance reviews don't work.

Practices such as calling back unhappy customers and displaying live customer feedback, help foster a customer-centric culture.

Improved service leads to increased reputation and trust. Customers are less likely to bypass IT and are more forgiving when mistakes are made.

Enhance your ITSM software with a world-class user feedback system

Jay Hyett, DevOps Manager, Lonely Planet

Since we adopted the practices made easy by CIOPulse, we improved our Net Promoter Score by 25% in just 6 months. We've never looked back!

80% of our clients have significantly improved IT customer satisfaction. One third by more than 30%

Improve project delivery capability 

Run in-flight and post-implementation surveys for your projects and collect feedback from stakeholders, team members and users.

Compare the Net Promoter Scores of your projects and use feedback to improve your project delivery capability.

Reduce your customer support costs

Reduce your support costs by adopting the customer-centric practices enabled by CIOPulse.

Using customer feedback for coaching leads to more engaged, capable and productive support staff. Coaching reduces the effort required for annual performance reviews. Engaged support teams have lower levels of turnover and absenteeism.

Happy customers complain less and are more forgiving, reducing the management overhead of dealing with unhappy customers.

CIOPulse identifies where you need to improve, which helps you avoid wasting resources on changes that don't improve service quality.

Many things that improve the customer experience, reduce your costs. E.g. better communication (less inbound enquiries), increased First Level Resolution, more self-service and greater automation. Win win!

Our IT budget was slashed and our average resolution times blew right out. But CIOPulse helped my team stay customer focused and our NPS increased from +64 to +84. We're delivering better service now for less cost!

Service Delivery Manager of a multinational defence, security, and aerospace company

CIOPulse is a user feedback system designed for CIOs and IT Service Delivery Managers who want to foster a customer-centric culture in IT.

Based on Net Promoter principles, CIOPulse collects feedback via support ticket, project and relationship surveys, and gives you the metrics, alerts and insights you need to drive service improvement.

See how CIOPulse can help your IT team deliver a great customer experience

Your ITSM software is great for managing tickets.

CIOPulse is great for managing user feedback.

Connect CIOPulse to your ITSM software and you'll have a system that's great at both. Click here to learn more.

Donna Eveleigh, Productivity Platform Services Regional Leader APAC and India, Aon

There is simply nothing else on the market that compares.  We tried using the surveys built into our market-leading service management software, but that capability was limited and couldn’t compete with CIOPulse and the value it adds.

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Donna Eveleigh, Productivity Platform Services Regional Leader APAC and India, Aon

We needed a solution to capture customer feedback and help us deliver a consistently good service experience. CIOPulse met all our needs and more

Drive continual
service improvement 

Use interactive dashboards to navigate and understand your data.

Get insights into the aspects of the customer experience that are important to your users.

CIOPulse has given our group an independent and reliable way of measuring and reporting the satisfaction of our internal customers.  And with the extra focus on the customer, and the way we deliver our service, our NPS has risen by 25 points in the last 6 months!

Dom Dimaggio, Process Manager, VicRoads

Capture ad-hoc feedback 24x7

Capture compliments, complaints and suggestions from your email footer or customer portal.

Give your users a chance to have their say whenever they have something they want to share.

We use CIOPulse for NPS surveys for services to our internal end-users, and the results are astonishing

Amit Bhatnagar, Head of IT Applications, Nutanix

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